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You are a young, future driver

You are an eager teenager who wants to be mobile and accept the challenge and responsibility that new young drivers have to face. From high school to university, we have the range of flexible classes, and budgets, that will accommodate your busy schedule.
City Driving School high school, CEGEP or university student
You have a busy life and you long for freedom, that independence that only a drivers' licence can satisfy. Mobility is important, there are so many things to take care of in your packed itinerary, but driving is above all a public and personal safely issue.
Perhaps you are aware that your generation has about twice as much traffic to deal with than your parents did when they first started driving. With different technologies and mindset, there are so many more distractions to deal with today. In fact, the Road Safety Education program deals with these issues because new drivers are about twice as likely to be crash statistic. Our programs encourage mindful and responsible driving, not merely skills.
From the classroom to traffic, City Driving School brings to life the meaning of risk management though proactive and safe driving!

You are a concerned parent
City Driving School's unique Accompanied Driving Program.
A first drivers’ licence is a rite of passage, a coming of age. It is a time when a new generation of drivers, seeking freedom and independence, need to be educated on how to mature into responsible drivers. City Driving School places emphasis on being a safe, co-operative and responsible driver through its SAAQ accredited “Road Safety Education” program.
According to a recent survey, parent's are the most worried about their teen's driving without parental supervision. City Driving School's exclusive Learner-Accompanying Driving Program encourages parent participation  by helping you and your teenager to achieve your common goal. A theory module is even designed for you as an accompanying driver, giving you valuable advice and tips aiding you to make your journeys together pleasant ones! You also have the option to be evaluated and retrained as a driver so that you can be the best driver possible before be a perfect role model!

Our ultimate goal is to teach your teenager the confidence, responsibility and skills necessary to enjoy a  lifetime of safe and enjoyable driving. We strive to give you the peace of mind which you seek, and so richly deserve.

City Driving School’s greatest honour is you entrusting your child’s safety with our conscientious, qualified, and above all, experienced instructors. 
You have finally decided to learn how to drive
Sometimes the motivation to learn how to drive comes from a new and important change in your life. This necessity may also create an anxiety.

City Driving School's experienced and patient staff is best qualified to make you at ease as you achieve your new goal to accommodate your changing needs.

Because of your concerns, we work together with learners on confidence building techniques. One step at a time. Before long, you are inspired, driving in complex driving situations, self assured in your ability to handle the vehicle, and confident in your decisions.
This once nervous new mom is much more confident driving and transporting her precious passenger after lessons at City Driving School.
In your life, now, you are in a new place. A good place, because it's the right time.

City Driving School is your right choice.
You are worried about an aging loved one who still drives
Perhaps you have noticed "telltale" signs that are a causes for concern. Should an aging loved one abandon driving?

By understanding a senior's needs and desire for normalcy in life, how do you approach a sensitive topic as this? How can you remain objective as to whether their daily affairs need to be micro managed if their mobility becomes limited?

City Driving School's experienced teaching staff can
objectivelyhelp you  assess a loved one's driving.  We can recommend remedial action as well as a proactive one. We consult with occupational therapists to help map out out a mobility action plan.
City Driving School driving lessons to retrain senior drivers.
You are a senior who needs a re-test    
City Driving School seniors' driving lessons
It’s no secret that this generation is living longer, healthier, and better than ever!
You are productive and you want to keep your independence. You are still healthy and responsible to take the wheel, but you need to be reassessed. We work with Québec certified occupational therapists who know the requirements that have to be achieved, attained.

Featured is our "digital video recorder" (DVR) displaying an evaluation with a certified instructor and occupational therapist. Videos may be reviewed for consultation and recommendations by your instructor and medical professional.
We’ll be happy to meet with you, or have your OT contact us, to keep us current on your file with the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec’s “Service de l'évaluation médicale”. We are a phone call away. We help seniors to keep being mobile.

City Driving School assists senior drivers with driving lessons for retraining and assessment.
City Driving School instructor assists occupational therapist
Susan Sofer of A.C.T. INC during an evaluation of a senior driver.
You are a fleet manager
City Driving School assesses and retrains with driving courses aim at driver improvement.
Poor driving behaviour by your employees, in your company car - with your logo! That is bad branding...and it is your image. CSST and accident claims, lost productivity...all these affect your company’s hard earned reputation and bottom line.  We can, upon consultation of your company's needs, create the perfect theory and driving program. We canbe present on your premises, with very little down time.
View a driving evaluation session with your personnel via our “black box” digital video recorder (DVR). City Driving School will review and consult with you on how to modify your representatives’ driving behaviour.   Your enterprise deserves the best ambassadors displaying your hard earned company goodwill!
You are a newcomer with a valid foreign driver's licence
Driving lessons to prepare for Quebec licence exchange at the SAAQ Henri Bourrasa
You have enough concerns to keep you busy as a recent arrival. You need to get your home, family, work or school back to life!

Whether a permanent or tempory resident, let our expertise guide you in your application for the Québec class 5 driver's licence. A short and simple visit with a quick evaluation of your documents is all we need to give you expert advice and put you in the drivers seat and on the right road.

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