SAAQ Road Safety Education program


After school program supporting

 RWA's fundraising campaign

Gift certificates available!


After school class on Wednesdays / Fridays


Starts Wednesday, January 11 and Friday, January 20 , 201 7 from 4pm-6pm.


Eligible for all 15 year old RWA students, family and alumni.


Exclusive for this registration only, RWA students may bring

a non-RWA friend to benefit from this promotion .  


Maximum 21 registrations accepted.




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Value added SAAQ Road Safety Education program


     Cost is $ 895 .00 + GST/PST = $1,029.00
Includes $125 tax deductible donation to RWAF

6 months payment plan




Basic program instruction includes :


12 x 2 hours theoretical instruction

15 x 55 minutes in-car practical instruction


RWA Bonus


Additional 2 x 55 minutes in-car practical instruction includes parent in-car participation


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Road Safety Education Program

                              RWA value added program includes :                                                           

* Text book
* In-class workshop includes parental in-class participation
*   Choice of flexible in-class sessions . In-class absence without penalty.
* 2 hour in-class SAAQ knowledge test preparation workshop
* SAAQ dedicated website setup and for online exercises (approximately 10 hours)
* Access to over 5 00 SAAQ style questions for knowledge test preparation
* SAAQ theory and practical exam scheduling service
* Access to SAAQ Road Safety Education Access Binder - in-class and online
* 55 minutes Exclusive Teen / Parent in-car coaching session with video recording
* Teen / Parent access to Facebook private group discussions and   advice
* Fully insured dual control vehicle for road test (SAAQ Henri Bourassa)

"P ay-as-you-learn" interest free payment plan.

Full s ervice value added course .
After school class on Wednesdays / Fridays starting January 20 , 201 7 from 4pm-6pm

Not available some dates? No worries. Click here to view all dates/times and reserve


Theory classes will be held at  


City Driving School

5047 ch. Queen Mary

Snowdon Metro

We are conveniently located a few steps from Snowdon metro.


From the 2:57 bell�s ring to City Driving School, it�s a short journey from Royal West Academy!

Only 6 minutes to the train to head back home if you live on the West Island !


Cost is $ 895 .00 + GST/PST = $1,029.00
City Driving School will contribute

$125 to the RWA Foundation


Optional English course days:  

Saturday 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Monday   6:00 pm -   8:00 pm
Tuesday   6:00 pm -   8:00 pm
City Driving School. A family business.
Trusted by families. Since 1958


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