City Driving School
5047 ch Queen Mary
Montréal, Qc
H3W 1X4
Métro Snowdon


Driver education with a difference, a purpose, and a passion

City Driving School in Montreal. Since 1958

City Driving School in Montreal was founded in 1958 by Victor Spiegler. At this time there was an increasing need for quality driver education for safe driving because accident rates were increasing as quickly as were the number of new drivers, and automobiles, being added on our roads.

City Driving School was established on August 8, 1958, by Victor Spiegler. This photo was taken in the early spring of 1959.
Licencing requirements were simple and lax then. Québec had no driving lesson requirements. Being a professional driver already, Mr. Spiegler decided to answer this important calling to become certified by enrolling for accredited driving instructor qualifications in the United States, long before Québec demanded any serious qualifications for driver training. He started offering driving courses in Montreal upon his return.
City Driving School director, Thomas Spiegler
His son, Thomas, has been exposed to driver education for all of his life. He started teaching part-time in 1983 while pursuing university degrees. Tom has been actively involved full time since 1986 and is passionate about driving and educating the public about safe driving.

City Driving School in Montreal promotes safe driving by getting family and the community involved. Parents are encouraged to act as accompanying drivers and to attend theory and driving sessions with their teens.

Basic Info
  • Location for driving lessons in Montreal
    5047 ch. Queen Mary, Montreal, QC H3W 1X4

  • Administration and reception hours

    Mon - Fri
    • 11:30 am - 6:30 pm

    • 10:00 am - 2:30 pm or by appointment

    • By appointment

    • Available Parking

      • Public Transit in Montreal
        Métro Snowdon, Autobus 51, 166
      • History by Year
        Founded on August 8, 1958

      One of City Driving School's SAAQ certified vehicles. The Chevrolet Cruze LT is equipped with a 1.4 litre turbo engine
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