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How does the SAAQ accredited Road Safety Education program work?
Société de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec Road Safety Education program
The Road Safety Education Program is separated into four Phases which alternate lessons on theory (Modules 1 to 12) and practice (In-car sessions 1 to 15). The program totals 24 hours of theoretical training and 15 hours of practical training.

Be certain to sign the attendance (white) sheet as well as the fiche de l'élève (yellow card) each class. You must stay for the entire duration of the two hour lecture.  A maximum of 21 persons is allowed in each class. Each Module must be reserved online in advance, subject to conditions. City Driving School reserves the right to reschedule classes is minimum attendance levels are not met.

To avoid any confusion, please read the following section very carefully. Failure to comply with these regulations may prolong the necessary time that it will take to complete the program.

Phase 1 (theory only)
is a prerequisite for a learner’s licence. You may attend any of these modules in any order. However, Module 5 (Evaluation) can only be attended if all previous Modules were completed. Duration: 28 days minimum.

Modules 1 to 4 cover vehicle components and systems, rules of the Highway Safety Code, road signs and traffic signals, the profile of a safe, cooperative and responsible driver, the rules of proactive and courteous driving and information on at-risk behaviours.

In Module 5, City Driving School will give a theoretical evaluation prepared by the SAAQ.After passing this test, candidates may go to the SAAQ to get their learner’s licence (permis d'apprenti) with the document (attestation) certifying successful completion of Phase 1. An appointment is not needed to pick up your learner's licence if you are a Canadian citizen. You will need to fill out a medical questionnaire at the SAAQ asking you about your general health. If you are under 18 years old you will need the consent of a parent or a guardian. If they will not be present you may download a consent form by clicking here.

Candidates who are not Canadian citizens must call 514-954-7771 to make an appointment to open a file with the SAAQ. They will ask you what your status is and will tell you to bring certain documents. You may ask for your learner’s licence immediately after having satisfied the requirements of the SAAQ upon presenting your attestation.

 Phase 2 introduces practical training in a guided driving context led by the driving instructor. You may attend Modules as long as you passed the Evaluation in Module 5. In-car sessions will be scheduled only if your learner's licence has been issued. Duration: 28 days minimum.

Module 6 focuses on accompanied driving. Individuals who will act as accompanying riders are invited to attend the courses in this module, which covers the importance of accompanied driving, their role as an accompanying rider and the tools that are available to them.

Module 7 covers the OEA driving strategy to enable drivers to improve their ability to detect dangers and anticipate risks.

In-car sessions 1 to 4 focus on basic vehicle manoeuvres and adopting safe, cooperative and responsible behaviour in simple driving environments.

Phase 3 continues the theoretical and practical training in a semi-guided driving context. In-car sessions 1 to 4 must be completed before being eligible to start Phase 3. Duration: 56 days minimum.

Module 8 is entirely devoted to speeding, which is a major cause of offences and accidents among young drivers age 16 to 24. The laws of nature will be discussed in detail.

Module 9 focuses on sharing the road, particularly with vulnerable users (pedestrians, cyclists, moped and motorized scooter operators, motorcyclists, etc.), as well as heavy vehicles and emergency vehicles.

Module 10  emphasises on driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and medication. We will also be discussing the significant causes of offences and accidents among young drivers. In-car sessions 5 to 8 must be completed before being eligible to attend Module 10.

In-car sessions 5 to 10, provide candidates with the opportunity to learn more complex driving manoeuvres and to adopt safe, cooperative and responsible behaviour in a variety of driving environments. In-car sessions 5 and 10 include a driving evaluation where the student assesses his/her performance.

Phase 4. The goal  is to have the learner become an independent driver. Duration: 56 days minimum.

Module 11 completes the training on other risk factors – driver fatigue and distractions behind the wheel.

Module 12 covers eco-driving, the importance of reducing our carbon footprint on the environment while driving. Simple modification of driving behaviours achieve much.

If you have held your learner’s licence for at least 10 months and you have completed Modules 11 and 12, you are eligible to attempt the SAAQ knowledge test. You may call 514-873-5803 for an appointment or schedule one on line by clicking here. You can schedule the SAAQ road test immediately after having passed the knowledge test. A car (with proof of insurance) is needed for the SAAQ road test. Ask us for more information if you need an insured vehicle.

In-car sessions 11 to 14 provide learners with opportunities to further their ability to manoeuvre the vehicle and adopt safe, cooperative and responsible behaviours in a variety of environments. Lessons 12/13 or 13/14 are double lessons shared with another student. One hour is reserved for driving, the other is observation.

In-car session 15 is a summary of what was learned during the in-car sessions, in preparation for the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec’s road test.
  It includes a driving evaluation where the student assesses his/her performance during the lesson and throughout the program.
By the road test date you will have had your learner’s licence for 12 months and you must have completed the last 5 driving lessons (in-car sessions 11 to 14). You will need to present your valid learner’s licence as well as a second attestation from City Driving School. If you are still under 18 years of age you will need another consent form which can be downloaded here. The applicable SAAQ fees can be viewed on their website by clicking here
RSE program website setup information for home study

Online setup for access to the SAAQ accredited Road Safety Education program website.
After completing the procedure below,
click on the icon on the left to be directed to

The Road Access Binder text may be accessed online. We recommend that you access it in-class online with ourfree wi-fito achieve the class's full potential. During-class you can easily follow the on screen presentation with the use of the book, available at City Driving School. 

Details to access the website are explained below. You will also find pertinent information for the obligatory Road Safety Education Program. By clicking on selected icons or highlighted text you will be linked to the subject matter.

Note that the information to access the SAAQ website for online studyis .  You can also click on any image below to access the website once you are ready to apply these instructions. Please refer to your contract and the number (upper right side, i.e 20XXXX) to access the SAAQ wesite for home study.

Change language preference isesired. Open Registation Form. The code (accreditation no.)  for City Driving School (Queen-Mary Road) is LXXX is also indicated on your contract. Be sure to enter your contract number! It is your username and password to log in.

Happy reviewing!

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